Benefits of Concrete Flooring

 Customizable Look
 Reduces Allergens
 Cost Effective

Concrete Floor Designs

 Concrete Stains
 Concrete Stamps
 Concrete Overlays
 Concrete Stencils
 Polished Concrete

Color Charts

 Stains Color Chart
 Stamped Color Chart

Common Questions About Concrete Floors

 Are they cold?
 Are they loud?
 Are they hard on the feet?







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Verticle Stamps

Vertical concrete overlays can be applied to damaged concrete walls to make them smooth again. But a more popular use is for sculpting or stamping designs and patterns for decorative walls. Overlays can create a 3D appearance of brick, stone, and slate or whatever type of sculpting is desired. Concrete walls, block walls, and even drywall will hold up vertical overlays. They can be used on swimming pool amenities, fireplace surrounds, and retaining walls.

Vertical concrete overlays consist of cement, various aggregates, and polymer additives and can be applied up to 3 inches thick without sagging. Overlay mixes are flexiblewhich allows them to be sculpted and stamped without cracking. After sculpting and stamping and the concrete hardens, concrete stains can be applied to add various colors.

Color Chart for Stamps                                       Stamp Patterns

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