Benefits of Concrete Flooring

 Customizable Look
 Reduces Allergens
 Cost Effective

Concrete Floor Designs

 Concrete Stains
 Concrete Stamps
 Concrete Overlays
 Concrete Stencils
 Polished Concrete

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Common Questions About Concrete Floors

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Types of Overlays

Concrete Overlays are gaining popularity because they offer many advantages that traditional types  of flooring can’t. The versatility of concrete overlays is unmatched by any other flooring material. All the different choices of colors, textures, and patterns generate an endless supply of design opportunities. Overlays can be designed to mimic another flooring material at a fraction of the cost, or designed so unique that there's no other floor on the planet like it.

Concrete overlays can provide a solution for several problems with your home's concrete surfaces. If there are areas where the surface has scaled and chipped away overlays can be used to cover and smooth the damaged spots. Perhaps you have a floor with minor humps and valleys that needs to be leveled. There are specially designed products that can be poured onto the floor to fill in the low spots. Your concrete can be restored without having to pay to rip it out and replace it with new.

Overlay systems have become extremely advanced in durability and performance. Most concrete overlays are polymer modified which means they contain polymer resins along with cement and aggregates. The polymer resins increase the strength, performance, and durability of overlays. They can be applied as thin as 1/16 inch up to several inches. They can handle loads of traffic and abuse with little or no wear. There is no worry about stains, grout popping out, warping from moisture, or mold and mildew. They are especially advantageous for people with food or pet allergies because nothing can penetrate and get trapped in the surface.

Living on the Gulf Coast you know that houses can flood from time to time and you know how floodwater can ruin the carpet or flooring in your house. Overlays are resistant to water damage which makes them ideal for any house.

Stamped Overlays

Stamped Overlay

Stamped concrete is designed to resemble brick, slate, and other patterns. Natural stone is costly and requires more upkeep with concrete stamps the look is achieved much more economically.


Spray Down Systems

Spray on Kool Deck

Spray on overlays can be used on sidewalks,driveways, porches, patios, etc. One of the more common uses is for pool decks. These overlays are ideal for pool decks because they are slip resistant, stay cool in the sun, and does not snag swimsuits like conventional concrete does.


Self-leveling Overlays

Self-leveling Overlay

A self leveling concrete overlay is used to resurface a concrete slab to smooth out worn or uneven concrete surfaces. The overlay can be colored after it gets hard using stains. It can also have patterns scored on the surface to create any type of design.


Vertical Overlays

Vertical concrete overlays can be applied to damaged concrete walls to make them smooth again. But a more popular use is for sculpting or stamping designs and patterns for decorative walls. Overlays can create a 3D appearance of brick, stone, and slate or whatever type of sculpting is desired. Concrete walls, block walls, and even drywall will hold up vertical overlays. They can be used on swimming pool amenities,fireplace surrounds, and retaining walls.



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