Benefits of Concrete Flooring

 Customizable Look
 Reduces Allergens
 Cost Effective

Concrete Floor Designs

 Concrete Stains
 Concrete Stamps
 Concrete Overlays
 Concrete Stencils
 Polished Concrete

Color Charts

 Stains Color Chart
 Stamped Color Chart

Common Questions About Concrete Floors

 Are they cold?
 Are they loud?
 Are they hard on the feet?







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Cleaning Interior Decorative Concrete

Using a neutral pH cleaner is recommended to clean interior decorative concrete floors. Do not use more than 2 capfuls of cleaner in water or the floor will acquire a white haze. The only way to remove the haze is to use clean water and a lot of mopping.




Cleaning Exterior Decorative Concrete


Exterior Decorative Concrete can be cleaned using a pressure washer using 1 part bleach to 8 parts water. If there is a build up of mildew the ratio can be changed to 1:5.

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