Benefits of Concrete Flooring

Customizable Look
 Reduces Allergens
 Cost Effective

Concrete Floor Designs

Concrete Stains
 Concrete Stamps
 Concrete Overlays
 Concrete Stencils
 Polished Concrete

Color Charts

Stains Color Chart
 Stamped Color Chart

Common Questions About Concrete Floors

Are they cold?
 Are they loud?
 Are they hard on the feet?







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Spray on Overlays

Spray on overlays can turn drab and unsightly concrete into a refreshing new or decorative look. For a decorative finish, stencils can be used to give the appearance of tile, brick, stone, etc. Integral colors can also be added to create beautiful patterns and designs.

Spray on overlays can be used on sidewalks,driveways, porches, patios, etc. One of the more common uses is for pool decks. These overlays are ideal for pool decks because they are slip resistant, stay cool in the sun, and does not snag swimsuits like conventional concrete does.

Spray on overlays are mildew resistant and easy to maintain perfect for outdoor areas on the Gulf Coast.

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